At Goro, we will provide you with a wide variety of explorative and entertainment activities both onsite (at our premises) and offsite. So, whether you’ve got a natural knack for the outdoors or are the more-indoors-explorer, with our activities we have got you covered.



On site

Some evenings, you simply are looking for the warmth of a fireplace, with good conversation and a glass of wine close by. Should you have one of those days, we will comfortably set up a Camp fire for you within our compound. Maybe, all you want to do is roast marshmallows. Even then, it’s alright!

Not to worry, the number of people around the campfire does not matter. We have the capacity and the ability to create the warm, cozy set-up that you have in mind. Simply make the request and we’ll take it from there.




Off site

Gorilla trekking really is a worthwhile activity to engage in while visiting Uganda. Should you feel the need to go Gorilla trekking but do not have the time to process trekking permits, we are able to pre-book Gorilla trekking permits into Bwindi impenetrable for our guests The area around Goro Cottages has a wide variety of activities to offer, which activities we are able to coorsinate for you and your team. Such as;

  • Mountain climbing for the Rwenzori, which is about 45Km away from the cottages
  • Visiting Queen Elizabeth to see the tree climbing Lions that are both a unique and rare sight to behold.
  • Other sites worth visiting include Lake Katwe, Lake Albert and Lake George. As well as the Copper mines in Kilembe.

Should you need advice and transportation to visit the above-mentioned places, we are at your back and call.